Foreign language visitors?

Hier könnt ihr ein Forum für Eure Spielgruppe beantragen, Vorschläge zu Verbesserungen einreichen und sonstige Dinge besprechen, die Infrastruktur/Technik/Organisation betreffen.
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Foreign language visitors?

Ungelesener Beitrag von towo » 09. Oktober 2014, 18:25

Hey there,

if you should stumble on this post by chance and are not a German native speaker (or don't actually speak German at all), I'd like to hear some feedback from you on how you think we could accomodate you here. :) Either write me a PM on the forum (sign-up and UI should be available in English, too), or just mail me with

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Re: Foreign language visitors?

Ungelesener Beitrag von morgenstern » 26. Juli 2019, 14:52

As some of you were explicitly looking for English speaking groups in the past, we decided to set you up with a dedicated section:
Looking for/offering English speaking groups

Hope that makes it easier for all of you to find the right people. Enjoy!
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