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Important information about player and group search

Verfasst: 26. Juli 2019, 15:10
von morgenstern
Here is some information that will help you to find what you're looking for:
  • Please prefix the subject with "Search:" or "Offer:", to make topics easier to scan. Please also state your interest (looking for group, player, GM) and for what system.
  • Tell a little something about yourself in 1-2 sentences: How old are you/your players, what do you want to play, what's important to you: e.g. age, playing style, smoker/non-smoker, animal allergies, etc..
  • When do you want to play? On weekends or during the week?
  • What is your planned turn? Every week? Every 14 days? Once a month?
  • Where do you want to play?
    For groups: Is there already a fixed location? (How can you get there by car/bus or train?)
    For players: Are you mobile?
If you want to have your own private group forum, just drop me a short message with your game master, game system and participants.

Also please, if you have formed a new group and don't take on new players at the moment, please write a short info that the moderators can close the thread. If your request should become active again, we can re-open the thread. It's just very frustrating (especially for new visitors), if they reply to posts, but nobody answers anymore. It would be sad if they'd leave the forum because of that, not feeling welcome. Be excellent to each other!