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New player looking for a group

Verfasst: 18. Januar 2020, 13:33
von Odnowkeat
Hey, my name is Milo and I´ve always wanted to find a pen and paper group to play with.
I have virtually no experience and everything I know is from podcasts or memepages, but I think it´s finally time to go on my own adventure!
I´m 22, studying acting (so I´d popably be decent at roleplaying) and love everything fantasy, though i´d be open to any other kind of setting as well, I live in Cologne and, since I don't have a car would greatly prefer something in or very near the city.

Schedulel wise I could do Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and sunday evenings, whatever would work best for you

Let me know if you need an extra player!


Re: New player looking for a group

Verfasst: 24. Januar 2020, 16:39
von develebook
Hey Milo,

I am in the same situation as you are and would love to start an adventure as well! I am not an actor, but I will try to learn haha :D

I am also 22 years old, and I am a dancer. Apart from that I also love Fantasy worlds and would prefer DnD 5e as I know most of the rules.

If there are more people willing to join and we actually find someone who wants to DM that would be great!

Let´s stay in contact!



Re: New player looking for a group

Verfasst: 27. Februar 2020, 14:28
von 175r

we're playing Rune Quest/Mythras, a ligh version of the old Rune Quest.
The world we play in is one we created ourself for over 35 years now.

We're playing in english and "just for fun", we are not overly concerned about every rule (for example no stanima points and such).
It's just for the fun for us, not about every single rule. Of course there are certain rules that need to be obeyed ;)

I'm the gamemaster.

Our group is between 16-35 years old.

If interested, feel free to message.