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Searching for Group (NEWBIE)

Verfasst: 24. August 2021, 20:51
von BRBLeferink
Hi guys,

My name is Bas I am from the Netherlands and I am looking for an English RPG group to join as quite the beginner. I have started with some DnD before and I really loved it. Therefore, I am looking to continue this either as a pen and paper or on location when possible.

I am also fine playing in German however to fully emerge in the story my preference is to play in English. Anything in the direction as DnD I think I would like as I said in the title I am still quite the Newbie (noob) but I am sure we can change that quite quickly.

I am available during the week in the evenings and most weekends.

Pleas let me know If you might start any new games/campaigns or if I could join anywhere. I also have discord not using it as much anymore but still: BRBLeferink #8220