D&D 5e in Cologne searching for players

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D&D 5e in Cologne searching for players

Ungelesener Beitrag von Delirimus » 29. April 2022, 13:24

Few of us started homebrew 5e campaign, there are 3 players and me as a DM, we are searching for 1-2 players.
For now we are getting together on Sundays and we are trying to be regular, but for the future other days would be possible.

New players are also welcome, and all the help for character creation, explaining the rules and even dice will be provided if need it.

We are bit "older" group 35+, but nerds at heart.
At the table there is no place for discrimination of any kind and half of us are part of LGBTQI+

If you are interested please write me here or at discord delirimus#3963

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Re: D&D 5e in Cologne searching for players

Ungelesener Beitrag von This-Bar-Bouncer » 23. Juni 2022, 21:58

I know it’s a little late but I would love to join :)
I am 22, living in cologne, and I am searching for a group which would love to play regularly. I played d&d once 5 years ago but I learn fast and when i understand the basics I will get invested and obsessed with new topics, so I learn fast.
Greetings Laura :)))