[Suche] D&D 5e English group in Cologne/Bonn

Für alle, die eine Rollenspiel-Runde suchen oder anbieten wollen.
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[Suche] D&D 5e English group in Cologne/Bonn

Ungelesener Beitrag von Zesty » 11. Juli 2018, 19:29

Hi everyone,

I recently discovered the DnD and Penny Arcade Youtube channels and decided that something like this should be part of my life, too. Being a long time single player PC RPGer, I do have some knowledge of the D&D multiverse, but am still looking forward to my first real life tabletop experience.

While I natively speak German, I do miss speaking English on a regular basis since I moved back to Germany a couple of years ago. This is why I'd strongly prefer to roll with an English group of adventurers. I am still learning my way around 5e and would appreciate a seasoned DM, who balances RAW mechanics with a good portion of RP (more homebrew, less Adventurers League).

Currently, I can offer two characters with somewhat outlined backstories - Zesty, a Journeygnome Carpenter (Rogue) and Jo, an Aasimar Swashbuckler. But I'd be happy to jump in with any pregen up to say level 4.

Is there an English speaking 5e group in the area that would welcome a newbie? You migt be able to win me over for a campaign of Shadowrun, Planescape or Pathfinder as well.


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Re: [Suche] D&D 5e English group in Cologne/Bonn

Ungelesener Beitrag von Karu » 11. Juli 2018, 22:12

Don't have a group myself, but if there is a willing GM and you still need players by that time I would be glad to be part of it.

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Re: [Suche] D&D 5e English group in Cologne/Bonn

Ungelesener Beitrag von ldsquillace » 15. Juli 2018, 00:14

I'm also looking for a group, I think there are a couple of people looking for a group, but the problem is to find a DM :/
I can also speak some german, but not enough to play DnD.
Btw, I have experience with 3.5 and played 5e once, still getting used to the different rules :)